The Parts Of A Dental Implant

By Kingwood Caring Gentle Dentistry
February 16, 2016

Three small sections make up one impressive dental restoration: the dental implant.

You've probably heard of dental implants, which replace natural teeth. But do you know how they're made? At Kingwood Caring Gentle Dental Implant Materials Dentistry in Kingwood, Texas, we believe in educating our patients about their dental health, so we've outlined the parts of a dental implant so you can better understand how these amazing restorations work.

Perhaps the most important part of a dental implant from your Kingwood dentist is the least visible. The post, which is made from lightweight, hypoallergenic titanium, is implanted in the jawbone under the gums where the natural tooth once was. Its placement makes it similar to the root of a natural tooth, so it firmly holds the rest of the implant in place once the jawbone grows around it. This process takes approximately six months and will be monitored by either Dr. Mary Marbach or Dr. Brian Porter .

Another tiny, but integral part of the implant is the abutment. After the post site has healed, your Kingwood dentist will place the abutment on top of it by making a tiny incision in the gums. The abutment is also made from titanium and will stick up above the gum line in order to provide a foundation for the visible portion of the implant: the crown.

Finishing off the dental implant from your Kingwood dentist is the crown, a porcelain or ceramic restoration which looks just like a natural tooth. It is carefully designed to fit the space perfectly and to match the teeth around it. Dental crowns may be placed at the same time as an abutment, or they may be fitted afterwards.

If you think you're ready for a dental implant, call Kingwood Caring Gentle Dentistry in Kingwood, Texas at (281) 358-6414 to set up a dental appointment . We'd be happy to schedule a consultation for you with Dr. Mary Marbach or Dr. Brian Porter!


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